The Best Ways To Use Organic Honey

Naturally sweetened by the careful and diligent work of honey bees, honey offers us a peek into the many wonders of our natural world. Flavored with the vibrant taste of lemon blossom, clover, pine, or any myriad of flowers, it can be hard to believe that the powerful flavors in assorted honeys derives simply from the bee’s preferred pollens or nectars and not from manmade essential oils or additives. 


Honey Bee at Work


Harnessing anti-inflammatory properties and various other health benefits, honey is a healthier alternative sweetener and can be tossed into dressings and marinades, whipped into sauces, melted into syrups, or drizzled over savory bites. Lucky for us all you can find ways to incorporate the delicious natural nectar to almost anything. From marinades to glazes, cocktails and pizza toppings, we’ve put together our favorite ways for you to enjoy our beautiful raw organic Italian honey


The beauty of marinades made with some form of sugar is caramelization. Creating a crispy, umami-filled depth to the subject of the marinade, honey is a natural and healthier choice for creating this beautiful effect. From soy-honey glazed chicken to pork tenderloins, steaks, salmon, zucchini and eggplant, swap out the sugar in your next marinade with Bona Furtuna Lemon Blossom Honey for a delicious touch of sweetness and a bright tang of lemon. 


Honey Glazed Chicken



Nobody can say no to something that achieves the perfect balance of salty and sweet. Adding a touch of sweetness and serving as a viscous carrier for any additional flavors, it’s the perfect choice when you’re looking for an elevated finish to your meal. Warmed up and infused with herbs or spices, honey glazes can are the perfect finishing touch to roasted chicken, vegetables, grilled pork ribs or fruit. Brushed over feta cheese and baked to perfection, or drizzled over a sharp cheese pizza, you’ll discover that honey and cheese are particularly well matched. Be warned, once you've tried this unbeatable pairing you’ll find it hard to look at one without craving the other. 


Amaro Sour



There’s something very peaceful about bellying up to a clean bar, ordering a cocktail, and watching as the mixologist expertly measures out your drink. The mesmerizing way they shake or stir, how they choose just the right glass and appropriate ice, and gently add the final touches on their craft before carefully placing your cocktail in front of you. And while watching someone is part of the fun, that first taste of their concoction is the most exciting part. If you’ve ever endeavored to recreate this sensation at home, you’ve surely come across simple syrups. Made with equal parts water and sugar, simple syrups are used to add that touch of sweetness to balance out a cocktail. We’ve found that swapping out the sugar for our organic honeys not only makes for a slightly healthier simple syrup, but it also adds an extra component of flavor depending on which honey you use. While our Lemon Blossom Honey complements citrusy cocktails such as a Sicilian Margarita or Hot Gin Toddy, our Wild Pine Tree Honey adds a complex perfume to cocktails like an Amaro Sour.  


Pizimonio Roasted Nuts



Gently folded into a combination of mixed nuts and seasoned with salt, honey roasted nuts are the perfect simple appetizer or hostess gift. Tossed with our unique Sicilian Pinzimonio Herb Blend, our Pinzimonio & Honey Roasted Nuts are truly addictive. Sweet, herbaceous, and savory, they hit all of the marks. 

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