Ambassador Spotlight: Michael Colletti

Like many Italian-Americans, Chef Michael Colletti was raised in a household where food was the focal point of family togetherness. With his paternal grandparents hailing from central Sicily, he grew up with the ingredients, flavors and traditions of the old country. Instilling a lifelong curiosity and passion for food, Chef Colletti tested the waters working in his father’s bagel shop and his cousin’s pizza shop. From there, he went on to the Culinary Education Center where he became a classically trained chef, after which he launched his career at New York’s renowned Le Cirque. Chef Colletti later traveled through Vietnam, becoming an expert on Vietnamese culture and cuisine before opening Mai House where he got his first taste of restaurant openings. 

In 2019, Chef Colletti co-founded PLNT Burger, bringing his classical fine dining and Italian culinary background to the table to craft the plant-based fast foods of the future. As an authority on plant-based products and the Director of Culinary Innovation at PLNT Burger, Chef Colletti continues to shape the future and push the limits of plant-based deliciousness. PLNT burger now has 14 locations and is positioned to take over the world of planet-friendly, plant-based fast food.

With his childhood embedded in Sicilian tradition and culture, Chef Colletti recognized the flavors of his childhood with his first taste of Bona Furtuna. With our focus on heirloom Italian ingredients, heritage practices, and sustainable efforts, his appreciation for the brand has made him an enthusiastic brand ambassador.

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