At Bona Furtuna

We learn our greatest lessons from the land itself. This is why our master botanist, Pasquale “Mimmo” Marino, has poured over two decades into studying and observing our unique, Sicilian ecosystem. Under his watchful eye, we blend advanced technology into our natural harvesting and bottling processes.

Riserva di Nonna Rosa High End EVOO - Elite Olive Oil

rooted in history

Our oldest olive trees have watched over our hillside farm for more than 1,000 years. Now, our olive grove is home to over 12,000 trees, almost all of which are native to Sicily. Previously in danger of extinction, the Biancolilla centinara (“ancient white lilac”) can be found nowhere else on Earth. Mimmo revitalized this unique tree, and it now thrives on our farms.

effortless irrigation

Blessed by its proximity to nearby Monte Barraù, all of our olive trees are naturally irrigated by the mountain’s pure water spring. This water is not only nutrient-rich, but also it is some of the cleanest water in the world.

picked in sicily by sicilians

Every olive is first nurtured and picked by the local Sicilian people, never by a machine. It’s part of our ongoing pledge to help the members of our community.


Once picked, our olives move from tree to our on-farm mill, where their oil is cold extracted and bottled within 24 hours. This is the only way to preserve the natural fragrance, taste, and nutrients so unique to our Sicilian organic extra virgin olive oil.

Biancolilla Olive Oil - Specialty Olive Oil - Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Masterful selection

Before each cold extraction, the Bona Furtuna farmers hand inspect every olive to ensure it meets our elevated standards, including size, weight, and aroma. Any olive that falls short is donated to the local Sicilian community.


After extensive study, including two PhDs in Botany, Mimmo has found only one cold extraction process sophisticated enough to meet his high standards in both quality and ecology: the Alfa Laval system. This system seamlessly braids state-of-the-art technology with centuries-old family tradition.


After their journey from hill to mill, the olives are washed, removing spare leaves, large branches and other debris. Mimmo then hand inspects each olive.

The washed and inspected olives then proceed through a stainless steel hammer mill crusher, creating a dense olive paste. Before mixing, this paste undergoes express-heating at 80 degrees fahrenheit, which minimizes energy use during the malaxing period.

The olive paste then proceeds to the malaxer, where it is mixed for 45-60 min. During the malaxing process, an exterior cylinder warms the paste to no more than 85 degrees fahrenheit. This process heightens the olives’ unique flavor and aroma profile.

After malaxing, the olive paste is spun in a stainless steel centrifuge called a decanter. The decanting process separates the pomace, the solid olive waste, from the wort, the extracted liquid olive oil.

The wort is then passed through a second, vertical centrifuge to remove all fine impurities in the olive oil. The result is our 100% organic, cold-extracted, extra virgin olive oil.