Pine Honey Amaro Sour

Silky, aromatic, sweet and of course bitter (amaro in Italian), every Amaro varies greatly depending on the secret inclusions used to flavor them. Artisanally crafted, Amaro starts with a baseline of alcohol (sometimes wine or brandy) enhanced by florals, spices, citrus, barks, or herbs, to deliver a unique and nuanced expression of tastes, and is finished with sugar before aging. While Amaro is often enjoyed as an after-dinner digestif, its intense aromatic qualities, bitter edge and sweet body lend it particularly well to cocktails. With the beautifully herbal and aromatic qualities of our Pine Honey, we like to use a medium or light Amaro, such as Averna or Amaro Florio, for this cocktail. Play around with your preference to find the perfect flavor for you! The perfect balance of tart and sweet, pine honey simple syrup adds a layer of fresh, green perfume to this perfect pre-dinner cocktail. Enjoy with Crostini With Ricotta & Olive Oil Spread, Pasticcini Siciliana Alle Mandorle or a Porcini Mushroom Crostata





Makes 1 cocktail


1 oz Amaro
2 oz gin or bourbon
▢ 1 oz fresh lemon juice
▢ 1 tbsp Bona Furtuna Pine Honey simple syrup (see below)
▢ Ice
▢ Sprig rosemary

 For an NA option, you can swap out the Amaro and bourbon for Three Spirit Nightcap



  1. Make the Pine Honey simple syrup by bringing ¼ cup honey and ¼ cup water to a simmer on the stovetop. Stir until the honey dissolves and cool completely. 
  2. Combine all ingredients in a shaker and shake to combine. Strain into a glass with fresh ice and garnish with rosemary to serve. 
  3. Salute!


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