Bona Furtuna is proud to preserve the biological heritage of Sicily. Using only premium and estate-grown ingredients, we cultivate balanced organic extra virgin olive oils, sauces, finishing salts, wild foraged herbs, and ancient grain pastas in a heavenly scenario for modern agriculture.

With undying passion, the farm’s master Botanist, Pasquale “Mimmo” Marino, has poured over two decades into studying and observing this unique ecosystem in order to preserve ancient varietals and uphold traditional practices that have been passed down through generations of Sicilian artisans. Mimmo’s complete, in-depth documentation of the estate's herbs and medicinal plants have been executed with extensive research and dedication over the last 5 years, allowing the farm’s edible plants to be certified by an organic body. 

Nestled in the Monti Sicani Biological Preserve, an expansive preserve spanning Central Western Sicily that helps insure the survival of native species and the genetic diversity of the biome. The preserve conserves the natural ecology of plants and animals and the genetic diversity of over 500 flora and 50 wild medicinal herbs that flourish throughout our pristine fields.

Blessed by a nearby proximity to Monte Barraù, allowing all of our olive trees to be naturally irrigated by the mountain’s pure water spring. Not only nutrient-rich, our pure spring water is some of the cleanest water in the world. Upon harvest, every olive is hand picked by local Sicilians, never by machine, to ensure the highest quality and preservation of surrounding species.

Today, our olive grove is home to over 12,000 trees, some of which are over 1,000 years old, including the rare and indigenous Biancolilla Centinara. Previously in danger of extinction, the Biancolilla centinara (meaning “ancient white lilac”) was revitalized by Mimmo and continues to thrive only on our farm. Creating luxury fare is the farm’s fundamental craft, but the deeper philanthropy behind La Furtuna Estate is to improve the state of the local economy, encourage job creation, and preserve Sicilian culture and history.

Cascading amongst the farm’s ecosystem lays an active archaeological dig led by two of the most prominent archaeologists in the world. Throughout this dig, we continue to find the oldest known remains in Sicily and hope to begin to build the pieces of Sicily’s past and understand more about the origination of ancient Sicily.

On the farm, we seamlessly braid state-of-the-art technology with century-old family practice to yield the highest quality product in a robust and sustainable farming ecosystem. We utilize stonemasons to hand place selected stones into preexisting estate formations to conserve these traditional structures for years to come.

We choose to keep unique goats on the farm to provide work for local shepards with generations of experience caring for livestock. Our chosen pasta maker marries modern technology with traditional practice to provide the same quality product while retaining the best flavors and nutrition for our customers. Following traditions dating back centuries, our integrale sea salt is hand-harvested in optimal conditions to procure the highest quality salt on the market. Using these traditional practices, Bona Furtuna is able to yield a higher quality, nutrient rich and sustainably farmed product.