"My Grandparents played a significant role in my upbringing. When I was a young child, they would tell me stories of Corleone. And when I was finally able to find and touch their land, I knew I had come home to something very meaningful.

Their land began to speak to me. As it slowly released its energy, it guided me to pursue the goal of developing an organic, heritage, ecologically sensitive farm; a farm that compounds soil, sun, pure water, and ancient seeds with the skill, knowledge and love of local farmers to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oils, tomato heirloom sauces, herbs, salts, and heirloom wheat pasta imaginable.

Through our farm, we have brought economic vitality to an area in need of sustained employment. Our workers are a family, their community has grown stronger, and together we are producing healthy food for the world."

-Steve Luczo

Sicily faces challenging economic hardship as one of the poorest states with the highest unemployment rate in Italy, inspiring Bona Furtuna’s devout philanthropy to create an opportunistic and sustainable organic farm to give back to Sicily’s land and people through thoughtful job creation. La Furtuna Estate provides consistent employment for direct employees and dependable income for contracted farmers who work to cultivate balanced Sicilian heirloom fare.

One in six children in the United States are hungry, galvanizing our support of No Kid Hungry in a movement to eradicate childhood hunger in America. By donating our excess profits and investing into No Kid Hungry, Bona Furtuna is passionately investing into a child’s ability to focus, a life without stigma, and nutritional needs for proper development that would otherwise be hindered. Donations to No Kid Hungry help provide school breakfasts, summer meals, after-school meals, food education skills, research and advocacy.

The Zimbardo-Luczo Fund works to shift the educational landscape for Sicilian students by providing scholarships to students who are unable to afford school tuition. In addition to providing technology and musical instruments to local schools, the Zimbardo-Luczo Fund has supported the establishment of the L’Arca Center for mentally and physically disabled individuals in Cammarata and promotes art and cultural festivals through events such as the annual Festival of Culture.