Creamy Asparagus Tagliatelle Pasta

Spring has arrived and with it comes the arrival of fresh asparagus. While the efficiency of our global food system may mean you can walk into the supermarket and get asparagus any time of the year, spring is the true season of asparagus. Even though it's not native to North America (it was brought here by early European settlers), asparagus can now be found in the wild in every state in the contiguous United States as well as throughout Canada and in most of Mexico. It even grows at our farm in Sicily, La Furtuna Estate, where our team has gotten some good hauls of wild asparagus!

Asparagus from La Furtuna Estate

Whether you're harvesting asparagus from the wild or picking some up from your local market, this nutritious vegetable can be prepared many different ways and is a wonderful way to ring in the spring season. This creamy asparagus Tagliatelle pasta recipe is full of fresh asparagus flavor in every bite- give it a try this spring and see if you love it as much as we do!




 Fresh Asparagus ready to be cut




Prep time: 5 minutes; Cook time: 30 minutes



▢ 1 lb of fresh asparagus (usually 1 bunch is about 1 lb)
▢ 8 oz of heavy cream
▢ 1 garlic clove
▢ 1/2 tsp of Sicilian Sea Salt
▢ Parmigiano Reggiano



    1. First, let's get the asparagus ready. Cut off the hard woody ends of the asparagus. We won't be using them for this recipe but these can be set aside and made into a flavorful stock with other scrap vegetable cuttings.
    2. Cut the tips (top 2-3 inches) off from the asparagus stalk and set aside for now.
    3. Bring the heavy cream and garlic to a boil in a small saucepan. Remove from heat once the cream reaches a boil.
    4. Cook the asparagus stalks in boiling salted water for about 4 minutes until tender. Add the cooked stalks to the cream with 1/2 tsp of Sicilian Sea Salt and mix with an immersion blender until smooth.
    5. Cook the Tagliatelle Pasta for about 8 minutes, adding the asparagus tips in at about 6 minutes.
    6. Warm up the asparagus cream sauce if necessary.
    7. Drain pasta and then return to pot and add cream sauce. Toss until evenly coated with sauce.
    8. Serve in bowls and top with shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano and a drizzle of Bona Furtuna Heritage Blend Olive Oil
    9. Mangiamo.


    How did this recipe turn out for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Anthony, always a pleasure to hear from a fellow Sicilian! A dash of nutmeg sounds like a great way to level up this recipe- thanks for sharing! My family emigrated from Agrigento, just a little further than Bisacquino. We’d love to feature some of your Nonna’s Sicilian recipes- have you seen our recipe contest? Enter one of your recipes in to win $150 of Bona Furtuna products!

    Anthony LoGrande

    I tried this recipe but I added a dash of nutmeg to the cream sauce . It was delicious and will be making it again . I have many Sicilian recipes from my grandmother that I would love to share . My family is from Bisacquino , very close to Corleone.

    Anthony LoGrande

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