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A whiff of Bona Furtuna’s vegetal, clean and vibrant olive oil opens a door to the verdant and wild land from which it came. Amongst the olive trees, wild herbs, artichokes, fennel and a myriad of flowers rise from the earth in a tangle of colors and textures, lending their nuanced flavors to the golden oil birthed from the trees’ green fruits. Braided into the Monti Sicani biopreserve, La Furtuna Estate is managed in harmony with the land and its bountiful flora and fauna. Mountain spring fed streams ribbon through the farm, while forest vegetation, shrubs, and grasslands are folded into the farm’s arable land and centuries-old olive groves, serving as refuge for a large number of wildlife and botanicals. By prioritizing the health and well being of native species within the biopreserve, we’ve nurtured a thriving environment in which to grow our organic, heirloom Italian olives. 


With over 12,000 olive trees of 9 different varieties growing in the foothills of Monte Barraù, it is the combination of the best Sicilian olives, our farm’s biodiversity, and our closed-loop production system that produces our award-winning, world-class extra virgin olive oil. Of the 9 types of Italian olives we grow, there are four that serve as the foundation of our unique olive oils: Biancolilla Centinara, Nocellara del Belìce, Passulunara and Tonda Iblea.




Biancolilla Centinara olives serve as a cornerstone of our commitment to the preservation of heirloom ingredients. While working to preserve heritage plants at the University of Palermo in Sicily, our chief scientist and master botanist Dr. Pasquale “Mimmo” Marino rediscovered the Biancolilla Centinara olive tree. On the brink of extinction, Mimmo set out to revitalize this unique species, and the tree variety now thrives on our farm. Like all of our extra virgin olive oils, this single-varietal olive oil is sourced exclusively from La Furtuna Estate. 

Meaning “ancient white lilac,” the Biancolilla Centinara tree lends to a very complex and layered olive oil that is green, clear, and brilliant. Slightly bitter on the palette with an aftertaste of artichoke, almond, tomato leaves and spices, Biancolilla Centinara olives are a highlight for Bona Furtuna olive oils. 

Nocellara del Belice



Used to produce olive oil as well as eating olives, Nocellara del Belìce olives are wonderfully versatile. Also known as Castelvetrano, the “snacking olive” is distinguished by its smooth and buttery characteristics. Native to Sicily’s southwestern Valle del Belìce, these fleshy olives produce olive oil with intense green coloring, fruity aromas, notes of tomato leaf and artichoke, and a bold, bitter and spicy finish. You’ll find these notable characteristics in our Heritage Blend and Riserve di Nonna Rosa olive oils.  


Rare and elusive, Passulunara olives are only found in Sicily, and have grown from the fertile soils of La Furtuna Estate for over 300 years. On the verge of extinction, we are determined to share this beloved fruit with the rest of the world with our single origin Passulunara Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The medium-bodied oil is soft and delicate in flavor, beginning with notes of basil, wheatgrass, and orange, leaving you with just the slightest hint of sweetness on your tongue.


Native to Sicily, Tonda Iblea olive trees grow well in the island’s mountainous landscape and birth olives with distinctly sweet and spicy characteristics. Delivering a golden-green oil with forward fruitiness and an herbal bouquet of wild herbs and green grass, the harmonious fruit produces oils with low acidity and high levels of polyphenols and can be found in our Forte Blend extra virgin olive oil. 

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