Your Biscotti Questions, Answered

What are Biscotti? 

Biscotti are a popular Italian cookie that have been enjoyed in Italy since ancient Roman times. Traditionally baked twice to elongate the cookies’ shelf life, they were initially made as a safe food for the Roman Legions to carry in their packs. To help soften the cookie, soldiers would often dip them into a sweet wine as they ate. A few centuries later during the Renaissance, biscotti were popularized by a baker named Antonio Mattei. The cookie has since remained a Tuscan staple. 

Biscotti and Crossword

Are Biscotti Italian?

Yes, Biscotti cookies were invented by the Italians during ancient Roman times and have since remained an Italian staple. 

What does Biscotti mean in Italian? 

Directly translated, Biscotti (or biscotto) simply means cookie in modern day Italian. However, the word originates from the Latin word biscoctus, meaning “twice-cooked,” referring to the method used to make traditional Biscotti.  

Why are Biscotti so hard? 

Named after its traditional method of cooking, biscotti are generally baked twice, rendering the rather dried out and hard version associated with the cookie. This is why biscotti are often served alongside an espresso or vin santo as dipping helps to soften the cookie’s texture. What differentiates Bona Furtuna’s biscotti is that they are only baked once, rendering a softer, easier cookie to savor at any time of day with or without an accompanying drink. 


Biscotti and Coffee


How do you eat Biscotti?

Due to their hard nature, most biscotti cookies are best enjoyed with a softening agent. Bona Furtuna Biscotti, however, does not need to be served with any sort of dippable as our cookies are soft and buttery.  


Biscotti Cheese Plate

What should I serve Biscotti with? 

Apart from a classic Vin Santo or coffee pairing, our Biscotti cookies are incredibly versatile. You can garnish an affogato with a Cantucci, crumble the Dried Fruit & Seed cookies over yogurt for a parfait, serve the Candied Lemon on a cheese plate, or crumble the Double Chocolate Chunk into a decadent ice cream cake. 

What are Biscotti made of? / How are Biscotti made?

Traditional Biscotti is made with flour, almonds, sugar, eggs and olive oil. Today, most biscotti is made with butter, instead of olive oil. Biscotti is made by forming the dough into an oblong log and baking it until cooked through. The log is pulled from the oven, cooled completely, and sliced into the long thin cookies you’ve come to know. Traditionally, the heat of the oven is then reduced, and the sliced cookies are baked for a second time. Our Biscotti cookies are made with organic ingredients, and are only baked one time to ensure a delectable, buttery texture. 

Is your Biscotti Gluten Free? 

Bona Furtuna Biscotti cookies are not gluten free.

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