How To Enjoy Taralli

Crunchy, savory, and bite-sized, Italian taralli marry the versatility of a great cracker with the craveability of your favorite chip. Sounds like the perfect snack, right? It is. For those who have had the pleasure of spending time in Italy, this perfect cracker is likely already a well known and beloved acquaintance. Served as an aperitivo snack at bars and cafes or in a bread basket during lunch, taralli find their way onto the scene regularly throughout Italy. For those who have yet to explore Italy in all her splendor, we’re thrilled to be able to bring one of her most cherished foods straight to you. 

Now that we’ve waxed poetically on about lovely taralli, you might be wondering how you’re supposed to enjoy said treat? We’re here to help. 


Offered in 200g recyclable paper chip bags, our organic taralli are ideal on-the-go snacks. Throw a bag into your carry on for the perfect sky-high treats, or toss a few into your beach tote before heading to the shore for a beach-side snack. 




Hosting this month’s book club? Or simply want to have some friends over for an aperitivo? Taralli have always been the best Italian aperitivo snack you can find. The balance of salty, savory and sweetness in each light bite makes them the ideal sidekick to an array of beverages. Serve up a Campari Spritz with an aromatic Fennel Taralli, a Balsamic Boulevardier with hot Chili Taralli, or something less potent like our alcohol-free Lemon Blossom Ginger Smash with EVOO Taralli



While a bag of taralli will quickly disappear once opened, these tasty devils are also the ideal types of crackers for charcuterie. You can wrap a slice of prosciutto around one cracker for the perfect bite, or top it with a slice of the best Italian cheese. Not only do they look gorgeous on an Italian charcuterie plate, they’re also likely something new for your guests to try.  



Taralli make an amazing addition to soups as a crouton alternative or even tossed into salad for a savory crunch. Top your summer gazpacho with a hand full of olive oil taralli, or toss them into a fresh summer strawberry salad for a delightful and vibrant panzanella salad. 

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