• Bona Furtuna - Chili Pepper Taralli - spicy crackers - charcuterie board crackers
  • Bona Furtuna Chili Pepper Taralli - crackers italian - charcuterie board crackers
  • Bona Furtuna Chili Pepper Taralli - crackers for charcuterie boards - spicy crackers
  • Bona Furtuna - Chili Pepper Taralli - crackers charcuterie board - snacks from italy - italian crackers
  • Chili Pepper Taralli


Chili Pepper Taralli

Warmed by hot calabrian chili peppers, these spicy crackers are the perfect balance of salty, sweet and hot. Made with organic Senatore Cappelli durum wheat and vibrant Italian extra virgin olive oil, these devilishly good chili taralli are iconic Italian bar snacks.


Devilishly Good

Speckled with scarlet calabrian chili pepper flakes, the heat in our spicy crackers is subtle and delicate. With the first bite, you may notice just the slightest touch of sweetness, while the warmth from the chili gradually builds and peppers your tongue and throat softly. The gentle heat of our chili flake Taralli marries the warmth of a rich bourbon and a salty Pecorino-Romano perfectly. As a result, they’re the perfect crackers for a charcuterie board.

From Sunkissed Puglia

For over 30 years, our taralli producers have baked these irresistible Italian crackers to perfection. Dedicated to their regional craft, these spicy crackers use Apulian ancient grain, vibrant extra virgin olive oil from the same region, and dried calabrian chili pepper flakes. Our partners are committed to using their business to uplift and improve their community by offering opportunities to individuals who may otherwise struggle to find work.