Sicilian Sea Salt & Honey Scrub

In the new year, we often examine our day-to-day rituals and think about what has been serving us well, and what hasn’t. It’s a time to reflect on the things we’re grateful for and to revisit what might be missing from our daily lives. For some, it means kicking booze to the curb for a Dry January reset, for others, it’s starting a clean-eating regime to integrate more balance into their diets. Like all Italians, we believe that the secret to a happy and healthy life is balance. Enjoying that glass of wine with dinner and spending an hour moving your body every day. And at all times, taking a breath to soak in and appreciate all the beautiful things this world has to offer. One of the best ways to embrace this gratitude is by showing a little gratitude for yourself. It can look like a 30-minute walk and phone call with a friend, drawing yourself a warm bath to relax, or pampering yourself with a reinvigorating, all natural organic salt scrub.

This simple salt scrub combines ancient sea salt from Trapani, raw organic honey, and beautiful organic extra virgin olive oil. While the salt serves to purify your skin, honey serves as both a binder for the scrub and an anti-inflammatory to soothe, and extra virgin olive oil nourishes and moisturizes. We recommend you use this scrub in a steaming hot shower to help open your pores and fully exfoliate and reinvigorate your skin and senses.


Bona Furtuna Sea Salt Face Scrub with olive oil and honey





▢ 1 jar Sea Salt (or Lemon Salt if you want an invigorating scrub)
▢ 4 tbsp Sulla Honey
▢ 6 tbsp EVOO



  1. Combine all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well. Transfer into a clean glass jar with a lid and use as a gentle, organic and natural exfoliant on your skin.


Bona Furtuna homemade face scrub recipe with olive oil


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