Ambassador Spotlight: Rocco Scordella

Born in Tuscany, Rocco Scordella has brought the rustic charm of Italy into the Silicon Valley. Raised in rural Italy, his family knew the local farmers, the local butchers and trusted where all of their food came from; a philosophy that holds true in his cooking today. As a young culinary prodigy, Rocco enrolled into culinary school a ripe age of 13 in Bologna, Italy and later took his culinary prowess into England, Paris and New York City. Rocco now lives in Palo Alto with his family, where he operates Vina Enoteca, a streamline restaurant and bar that brings a refined European flavor to the heart of the Silicon Valley. Vina Enoteca’s charming modern decor and lighting ascent the rustic barn’s historic brickwork and wooden beams, encapsulating a modern interpretation of Italy. Abiding by his roots and sharing an obsession with using uncompromising, responsibly sourced ingredients, Vina Enoteca creates fresh made pasta, pizza, and breads comprised of fresh ingredients from the nearby O’Donohue Family Stanford Educational Farm and orchestrates a wine program with craft cocktails that perfectly complement his cuisine.

What's your favorite Bona Furtuna Product?
What’s your favorite Italian dish to cook?
Pasta alla carbonara

 If you had to choose one herb to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?
What’s the key to cooking perfect pasta?
Finish sauté in the pan and take it out of the water so it is al dente. 

What’s your first memory of food?
Watching my grandma making orecchiette in Puglia.
What’s your least favorite food?
Gorgonzola cheese

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