5 Best Pizza Combinations We Can't Get Enough Of

Whether you’re throwing together a pizza for one, trying to impress a date, or gathering some friends for game night, there’s always a good reason to make a homemade pizza. Flavor your night right with these artisan pizza topping ideas for a magnificent taste of Italy. Mangiamo!

The Mediterranean

This delicious and savory pizza brings the sharp flavors of the Mediterranean together for a mighty pizza that will leave you with a taste of the sea on your lips.

Black Olive Tapenade pizza topping

The Sunshine

Featuring the sun-kissed flavors of Sicily, these pesto pizza toppings will instantly drench you in the warmth of a summer afternoon on our beloved island.

Basil Almond Pesto

The Honeypot

With the sweet nectar of honey bees, and the earthy, pungent flavors of hand-harvested truffles, this sharp, sweet, and spicy pizza celebrates the pure flavors of our earth.

Black Truffle

The Forager

Wild-foraged porcini mushrooms are beautifully complemented by La Furtuna Estate’s delicate and aromatic herbs in this artisanal pizza combination. Enjoy alongside a dry glass of red wine for an unforgettable dinner.

Organic Nepitella

The Italian

Combining some of our favorite Italian pizza topping ingredients from around Italy, this simple pizza celebrates the clean flavors of our country in a beautifully balanced sweet, salty, spicy, and aromatic medley.

Sweet Pepper Pesto artisan pizza topping


Homemade Pizza Topping Ideas

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