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Peperoncino Pizza Collection

Full of deep, earthy, and fiery flavors, our Peperoncino pizza kit is not for the faint of heart. Savor the marriage of earth’s sweet, rich, umami, and herbal ingredients in this celebration of bold 00 flour bread (oo tipo flour) and Italian ingredients.

Fiery, Rich, and Umami Goodness

Woodsy, rich, and full of umami goodness, wild-foraged porcini are the star of our mouthwatering combination of chilis, tomatoes, dried basil, and mushrooms. Sweet and spicy, our Arrabiata Sauce leaves a lasting peppering on your tongue, while a gentle sprinkling of chili oil over your finished pizza will bring forward smokey chili characteristics. Add fresh ricotta to complement the spice and serve with a robust Nero d’Avola.

Little Devils

A welcomed component to many traditional Sicilian meals, Sicilian peppers (also known as “little devils”) are aged on the vine to generate a more potent heat and fruitiness. Our spicy arrabbiata sauce is a zesty concoction made from plump Corleonese tomatoes, crushed Sicilian chili peppers, Trapani sea salt and estate-grown olive oil. Allow heat to radiate from the Sicilian chili peppers to find yourself hot and satisfied.

Freshen Your Palate with Dried Basil

Add a lively dimension to your dish with our Sicilian Organic Dried Basil. Packed with nutrients, antioxidants and essential oils, dried herbs are often superior to fresh herbs. Slightly smokier and encapsulating more concentrated flavor than fresh basil, our dried basil seasoning is an inexpensive and long lasting way to add pizzazz to your palate.

Bouquet of the Mountains

Delicate earthy forest aromas give way to deep nutty, woodsy flavors that elevate your favorite creamy risotto. Add Italian porcini mushrooms (boletus edulis) to a classic gorgonzola polenta recipe, use to enhance a bechamel sauce, or make into a pesto to top your favorite crostini.

Tickle Your Senses

Coating your lips with the soft, rounded characteristics of our signature extra virgin olive oil, this chili infused olive oil quickly peppers the back of your throat and tickles your tongue, before gently caressing your senses once more with the familiar flavors of grass, sun, and soil.  Enjoy this Italian chili oil with pizza, soft boiled eggs or freshly baked rosemary focaccia.

Perfectly Balanced Italian Pizza Flour

Gently stone milled, our Ancient Grain Pizza Flour produces the perfect balance of bready yet crispy pizza dough. Use our Italian tipo 00 flour to make traditional Sicilian sfincione with anchovies and marinara, or for a simply delicious and classic neapolitan pizza.

Artfully Blended Ancient Grains

Our artfully blended pizza dough flour brings together two of Sicily’s greatest ancient grains. Carefully stone milled, the soft characteristics and balanced protein levels of Maiorca and Margherito wheat combine to make a beautifully rustic and flavorful dough. Topped with complimentary Bona Furtuna products, our pizza bundles bring the best flavors of Sicily straight to your home.