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Verde Pizza Collection

Bright and herbaceous, taste the vibrancy of Sicily within our verde pizza kit. Complemented by deeply flavorful 00 pizza flour dough (00 tipo flour) and the warm, rich flavors of our sun-dried heirloom tomatoes, each featured product sings with our favorite bitter, sweet, and floral flavors, truly tasting, well, green.

A Taste of Sicilian Verdure

Greeted instantly with the sweetly grassy characteristics of fresh basil, our pesto is rounded out by adding Sicilian-grown almonds, harmonizing beautifully with the toasted, nutty flavors of our rustic stone-milled pizza flour. Sweet, rich warmth from our sun-dried tomatoes marries beautifully with the nuances of our hand-picked and blended Erbe di Sicilia. A final sprinkle of our Lemon Salt brings forward the sun-sweetened, bright flavors lurking within each ingredient, giving you a bright and beautiful combination of Sicilian verdure. Add pork sausage for the addition of rich fat, and a healthy dusting of shredded pecorino.

The Taste of Summertime

Bringing the sweetly bright, nostalgic flavors of Sicilian basil together with the hearty, distinct nuances of toasted almonds, this pesto illuminates every dish with the taste of summertime. Toss into your favorite pasta, salad, or dollop onto your fried egg for breakfast.

Ruby Jewels of the Earth

Savor the sweetly tart punch of flavor with our organic sun-dried tomatoes, dried below the Sicilian sun. Slice these ruby jewels of the earth into thin strips and bake with fresh halibut, or sautee with spicy pork sausage and toss into busiate with a fresh shaving of pecorino.

Powerfully Aromatic

The powerfully aromatic flavors of rosemary and thyme are gently joined by the earthy nuances of oregano, and are rounded out by the sweet and fresh presence of mint. Sprinkle on chicken, white fish, lean pork cuts, or eggplant, and feel the warmth of Sicily fill your senses.

A Tad Bit Tart

When life gives us lemons, we infuse their zesty oils into our Sicilian Sea Salt with Organic Lemon. Allow your senses to take a ride with this elixir of sour citrus and savory sea salt. Taste coarse salt crystals evaporated from the Mediterranean Sea, smell the familiar tang of plump lemons, and feel the benefits of added vitamin C and natural electrolytes.

Perfectly Balanced Italian Pizza Flour

Gently stone milled, our Ancient Grain Pizza Flour produces the perfect balance of bready yet crispy pizza dough. Use our Italian tipo 00 flour to make traditional Sicilian sfincione with anchovies and marinara, or for a simply delicious and classic neapolitan pizza.

Artfully Blended Ancient Grains

Our artfully blended pizza dough flour brings together two of Sicily’s greatest ancient grains. Carefully stone milled, the soft characteristics and balanced protein levels of Maiorca and Margherito wheat combine to make a beautifully rustic and flavorful dough. Topped with complimentary Bona Furtuna products, our pizza bundles bring the best flavors of Sicily straight to your home.