Filaga da Giacomino, A Sicilian Trattoria Pizzeria

Nestled into a street corner in the quaint village of Filaga, Sicily, family-owned and operated da Giacomino has been pleasing locals with their traditional pizza offerings since 1982. Located about a forty minutes drive east from the Bona Furtuna Farm in Corleone, this Trattoria Pizzeria has also become known for it's variety of delectable mushroom dishes, including their mushroom pizza.

 Trattoria Pizzeria Filaga da Giacomino

A trattoria is a traditional Italian-style eatery that is generally less formal than a traditional ristorante. These unpretentious establishments offer delicious, clean, high-quality food and local favorites in a casual and friendly atmosphere.

Fire-burning pizza oven at Filaga da GiacominoFamily-owned da Giacomino trattoria

When you walk into da Giacomino, you'll immediately smell the wood-burning oven amongst the traditional, simple decor of the trattoria. Their traditional pizza, made with Bona Furtuna EVOO, also features anchovies, a common ingredient in Sicilian cooking. Mushroom pizza is their specialty and a particular delight to taste. Other items of note is their grilled mushroom platter, a dream for mushroom lover's that features a plate full of four or five different types of mushrooms (what's available locally at the time).

Prosciutto and mushroom pizza

da Giacomino
Via Marchese Arezzo, 5,
90038 Prizzi PA, Italy



Featured image "Filaga ex Borgo San Ferdinando frazione di Prizzi, Palermo" by Pina e Nicola Sicili… is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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