• Bona Furtuna Classico Pizza Collection - DIY pizza making kit
  • Bona Furtuna Classico Pizza Collection - DIY pizza making kit - Pizza kit in a box


Classico Pizza Collection

This collection celebrates the classic ingredients synonymous with Italian cooking. Combining tomatoes, garlic, oregano, fennel and ancient grains, savor the tried and true pairings with our stone-milled pizza flour for a perfectly balanced and robust pizza.

Powerfully Pure Pizza

Our rich, sweet, sun-ripened Original Marinara Sauce lays the foundation for this powerfully pure pizza. Bona Furtuna garlic oil instantly carries the deliciously warming and sharp allium to your senses and is brightened by bursts of aromatic Fennel Seed. Lifted by the gently bitter and herbaceous notes of Oregano Flowers, revel in the harmony of these distinct and beautiful flavors, all carried within the nutty, rustic, and toasty characteristics of our ancient grain pizza dough. Top with fresh mozzarella and enjoy alongside a lemon-dressed arugula salad for a classic Italian lunch.

Simply Sweet Original Marinara Pasta Sauce

Simple and pure, Bona Furtuna’s organic Original Marinara Pasta Sauce has only two ingredients: tomatoes and salt. Made from handpicked Corleonese heirloom tomatoes – a variety indigenous to our region – and sprinkled with a touch of Trapani sea salt, our flagship Sicilian pasta sauce delivers a subtle sweetness that elevates any Italian tomato dish.

Delicate and Unique Herbaceousness

While oregano leaves are known to host a strong, earthy flavor with an astringent spice, wild oregano flowers are more delicate and unique. At La Furtuna Estate, we choose to harvest the flowers because they encapsulate more essential oils than the rest of the plant, procuring an enticing fresh and floral flavor. Just a pinch of our organic dried oregano seasoning is all you need to take your tastebuds for a peppery, earthy and floral ride.

Coveted in the Culinary Community

Traditionally used to aid in digestion and freshen the breath, fennel seeds have a powerful licorice flavor with sweet and woody accents. A regular addition to many spice blends, they are a sought-after dry rub for meat and fish, and can add subtle fragrant sweetness to sauces, roasted vegetables and homemade breads.

Balanced Presence

With a subtle introduction to the silky textures of pressed olives, the familiar savory-sweet flavors of Sicilian red garlic gently announce themselves, never growing sharp nor intrusive in this infused oil. Lending a nuanced yet balanced profile to our estate-grown olive oil, the diplomatic presence of this powerful allium is, quite simply, delightful.  Enjoy as a dipping oil with fresh focaccia or swirled into a cauliflower soup.


Artfully Blended Ancient Grains

Our artfully blended pizza dough flour brings together two of Sicily’s greatest ancient grains. Carefully stone milled, the soft characteristics and balanced protein levels of Maiorca and Margherito wheat combine to make a beautifully rustic and flavorful dough. Topped with complimentary Bona Furtuna products, our pizza bundles bring the best flavors of Sicily straight to your home.