Chef Spotlight: Ignazio Falletta

Chef Ignazio Falleta has made his restaurant, La Mulinella, a destination off the beaten path worth visiting in central Sicily. Located about an hour from Bona Furtuna in Campofranco, Sicily, La Mulinella serves all of your favorite Italian dishes, but the restaurant's specialties that bring Italians from all over to this gem are their seafood dishes. Chef Ignazio's work ethic and creative dishes have brought notoriety to his restaurant, but that hasn't changed him. It feels like his friendly smile is always just around the corner when you visit La Mulinella.

Chef Ignazio Falletta

"I have a great passion for good food and I love sharing this with people."

-Chef Ignazio Falletta


As a boy, Chef Ignazio recalls being inspired by his nonna's cooking. His first memory of food that he recalls very fondly is his grandmother's polpette di pane, a sort of bite-sized cheesy bread ball that would be served with her special tomato sauce. Nowadays you can find inspiration from his nonna in many dishes at La Mulinella as he adapts them to a more modern palate.

Chef Ignazio loves using organic ingredients and fresh fish that were just caught (which isn't hard to find when your 30 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea). He finishes his dishes using Bona Furtuna Olive Oil which he says enhances all of the flavors. And like any proud Sicilian, he will tell you that the key to perfect pasta is that you must use high-quality Sicilian durum wheat pasta.

One of the most popular items on the menu at La Mulinella is Chef Ignazio's Pasta Vittoria, a dish of fresh spaghetti cooked with fish broth, red mullet, saffron, cold-whipped grana padano, tuna bottarga, clams, parsley, and Heritage Blend. He provided this quick description of the recipe (he wasn't going to share his secret techniques though) below to try and recreate his masterpiece. Until international travel resumes, we'll have to suffice for that. But we can't wait until we can have this in person again.

Pasta Vittoria

  • Prepare clams and cook until they open
  • In the meantime, the spaghetti is cooked in a pan with fish broth (red mullet) and saffron
  • As soon as they are cooked, mix in the clams and a little cooking water
  • Cold-whip the grana padano and add to the wet spaghetti. Then add the grated tuna bottarga
  • The dish is completed with a sprinkle of parsley and a drizzle of BF oil directly on the plate to finish

 Pasta Vittoria - La Mulinella Sicily

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