Our 5 Favorite Italian Spring Soups

The days are now noticeably lighter and there’s the undeniable smell of spring on the horizon. As the final gray days of winter pass by, the buds begin to poke out their hopeful heads, tightly wound petals just waiting to stretch out and breathe in the warm days of spring. There’s no doubt that nature’s magic is at work when the cheerfully fresh and vibrant flavors of spring greet us during this hopeful period each year. As the earth comes to life its bounty mimics its revival, awakening our taste buds and inspiration. With warmer temperatures ahead, now is the perfect time to marry the end of soup season with the joyful flavors of spring to tide us through the final remaining days of cooler weather. We’ve compiled 5 of our favorite Italian spring soups to beckon forth the bright days ahead.


Asparagus Soup


Asparagus Soup

There are few things that say spring quite like the astringent flavor of green asparagus. Sautéed and blended into a vibrant soup, enjoy this delicious Italian asparagus soup for lunch or dinner.


Leek and potato soup


Leek, Watercress & Potato Soup

While leeks add depth of flavor to this leek and potato soup, yukon golds lend a velvety richness and fresh watercress adds a punchy and peppery finish.


Italian Lentil and fennel soup


Italian Lentil & Fennel Soup

Carefully foraged from wild plants, Sicilian fennel seeds and fennel pollen bring the undeniable flavor of a Mediterranean spring day to this hearty Italian lentil soup.


Smoked Ham hock and ditalini soup


Smoked Ham Hock & Ditalini Soup

Layered with deep and savory flavors, this warming soup is the perfect pairing for April spring showers.


Tuscan White Bean and kale soup


Tuscan White Bean & Kale Soup

Delightfully creamy and mild, cannellini beans provide beautiful texture and delicate flavor to many traditional Tuscan dishes. A flavorful broth, aromatics, sweet tomatoes and bitter kale make this a beautifully balanced soup. 

What are some of your favorite soups for springtime? Let us know in the comments below. 

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