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Pesto & Spreads

Black Olive Tapenade

Renditions of olive tapenade have been made since the early days of the Roman empire. Our savory black olive spread boasts simplicity. Containing only black olives and olive oil, it is a true celebration of the unique and popularly bitter-sweet stone fruit.

Bitter, Bold, Fruity and Round

Deliciously robust with a hint of smoke, this black olive tapenade is bitter and bold, yet fruity and round all at once. Toss onto roasted cauliflower, spread onto toasted pita, or alongside a marbled, grilled steak.


Straight from the Jar

Bona Furtuna’s pestos and spreads capture the fresh flavors of Sicily’s abundant produce. Surrounded by numerous volcanoes, both active and dormant, the island’s exceptional fertility is due to its nutrient-rich volcanic soils and temperate climate. Taste the coast of the Mediterranean in each bite. We certainly won’t question you eating these straight from the jar.