Italian Easter Appetizers

For those who celebrate, Easter is a time to relish the arrival of springtime and rejoice in the cycle of life. For all of us, the arrival of spring delivers the perfect excuse to get together and revel in the rebirth of the growing season and the promise of warm weather. The vibrant colors, fresh smells and bountiful flavors of spring beckon us to the kitchen. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite creative Easter appetizer recipes to throw together in celebration of spring.


Sicilian Arancini


Sicilian Arancini Rice Balls

Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, arancini have filled the hearts and bellies of Sicilians since the 10th century. Sold on the streets of Palermo in conical shapes to mimic Mount Etna, you can enjoy the sights of Sicily’s great port town while you savor the island’s staple street food. Biting through a crispy exterior, you’re greeted with a soft and savory risotto. At the center of this heavenly treat there hides a decadent ragù or gooey melted cheese to fill your senses with ecstatic savory goodness. Served with a slightly acidic dipping sauce to balance all the flavors, there’s truly no better finger food. We recommend pairing arancini with an ice cold beer or Aperol Spritz. Try our Arancini with Sweet Pepper Pesto


Blue cheese and balsamic crostini


Toasted and buttery, these crispy bites are the perfect finger food. Spread with ricotta and topped with roasted grapes, bedecked with sharp blue cheese and decadent 12-Year Aged Balsamic  or piled high with fresh bruschetta, the best part about crostini is their versatility. They can be served alongside a delectable dip or pre-adorned to make your life as the host simple and always delicious. 


Parmigiano-Reggiano Cups


Parmigiano-Reggiano Cups 

Crispy, salty, and caramelized, crispy Parmigiano-Reggiano cups make for an exceptionally delicious vessel. While they’re not too time consuming, they look elegant and elevated. You can fill them with caesar salad and grilled chicken, tuna salad, or a delicious giardinello salad, either way this appetizer hits all the bases: it is fun, it is delicious, and there’s no extra tableware necessary! 


Grilled Shrimp


Grilled Shrimp

Sweet and juicy, grilled shrimp and warm sunny days go hand in hand. You can opt for a classic shrimp cocktail, spice things up with a fiery salsa, or enjoy them simply tossed in fresh lemon juice, either way they’re always the first to disappear. We like to dip our grilled shrimp into a sunny mixture of our beautiful, bright, and aromatic Pinzimonio Herb Blend and vibrant Heritage Blend Olive Oil. Quick to assemble, and quick to disappear, you might want to double the recipe. 


If you’re planning a post-Easter Sunday service luncheon, these springy Italian appetizers are perfect to prep out beforehand and will be ready to go when you and your guests arrive. Planning a springtime cocktail party with friends and family? A smattering of Italian appetizers will please any crowd, we promise. 

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