2023 Impact Report


In the good old days, throughout Sicily and southern Italy, the phrase “bona furtuna” was exchanged in lieu of more formal farewells. Bidding the receiver good luck, good health, and good life, it was filled with a sentiment of warmth and good will. As a young Sicilian-American, saying “bona furtuna” connected our co-founder Steve Luczo to his Sicilian roots and made him feel a sense of belonging in the Sicilian community. But for Steve, “bona furtuna” has always been more than simply an expression of cultural pride and heritage. As a child, his grandfather would kiss him on the cheek and say “bona furtuna’’ as they parted ways. The phrase serves as a memory of tenderness; a reminder of the love that a grandfather has for his grandson. Today, La Furtuna Estate is a place that connects generations of the Luczo family. Here, Steve and his wife Agatha are able to share a piece of their family legacy and the enduring love of intergenerational relationships with their children. They’ve put energy into the land and the local community, and they are humbled to share their home with others. With every bite of Bona Furtuna, they wish you good luck, good health, and good life.




Bona Furtuna is an independently owned Italian food company on a mission to build a healthy community of individuals through education, passion, and promotion of the highest quality organic & heirloom cuisines. 




As we've grown, we've done so with great care to ensure that each step of the way is paved with integrity and aligns with our company values. 
  • Environmental Sustainability 
  • Quality 
  • Education
  • Passion
  • Balance
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Curiosity





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