Nepitella is a celebrated Italian herb regional to Tuscany. Utilized by chefs and nonnas throughout the country, the unique herb grows in abundance in the wild Mediterranean basin but has been cultivated and nurtured into domestic gardens due to its distinct and ebullient flavor.

Fresh and Aromatic

Just a sprinkle of this brightly floral and aromatic herb will enliven any dish. With the bold and earthy flavors of oregano, and the fresh, cool taste of mint, Nepitella is the perfect herb to accompany lamb chops, pork belly, grilled squash, sauteed mushrooms, and so much more. Use sparingly so as not to overpower.


Artfully Blended

Bona Furtuna’s herbs and seasonings celebrate the rich history and flavors of Italy. Grown, cultivated, and artfully blended right on the La Furtuna Estate, our herbs and spices are 100% organic and 100% delicious. Taste the revered seasonings of Italy with each bite.