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Black Cuttlefish Ink Rigatoni

Designed specifically to deliver as many meaty, creamy, tomato-filled, cheese-laden mouthfuls, Rigatoni is the pasta of all pasta. With fresh nero di seppia (cuttlefish ink) folded straight into the dough, our unique and exclusive Rigatoni al Nero di Seppia marries sauce alongside the briny, savory flavors of the Mediterranean Sea.

Decadent and Savory Vessels

These black pasta tubes may seem imposing at first, but do not let them fool you. Allow each individual squid ink Rigatoni to harbor mouthfuls of decadent, savory, and briny flavors. Not a single bite will be wasted. Bring land to sea with a delicious combination of prosciutto, fresh peas, and lots of pecorino for a simple but exquisite dinner for two, or stuff each Rigatoni al Nero di Seppia with crab meat for a truly decadent maritime meal.

From the Granary of Rome

Once known as the “Granary of Rome”, Sicily has been home to 100% organic, naturally nutritious ancient grains for thousands of years. At Bona Furtuna, we transform these heirloom grains into traditionally handcrafted pasta and pass it on to you with pride and pleasure. With every bite of our black squid ink pasta, you’ll grow closer to generations of Italian history, pasta-making culture, and thoughtful stewardship over the Italian land.