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Black Cuttlefish Ink Busiate

Originating in Trapani, Busiate pasta is rarely found off the island. Traditionally prepared with durum wheat semolina flour and water, this unique ink pasta rendition of the spiral-shaped pasta has fresh cuttlefish ink folded straight into the dough. Our unique and exclusive Busiate al Nero di Seppia boasts the briny, savory flavors of the Mediterranean Sea.


Tight Spirals of the Sea

With a touch of sweetness, herbal hints, sunkissed grain, and umami flavors from the sea these black pasta noodles offer a great al dente texture and elastic structure. Representative to what humans have been eating for thousands of years and easy for digestion, feel the nutritional benefits of ancient grain pasta in every bite of this traditional pasta recipe. Impeccably paired with pestos and seafood, savor the flavors of Sicily with this unique squid ink pasta.

From the Granary of Rome

Once known as the “Granary of Rome”, Sicily has been home to 100% organic, naturally nutritious ancient grains for thousands of years. We transform these heirloom grains into traditionally handcrafted squid ink pasta. With every bite of our stunning squid ink pasta, you’ll grow closer to generations of Italian history, pasta-making culture, and thoughtful stewardship over the Italian land.