• Bona Furtuna Linguine - Heirloom Wheat Sicilian Pasta
  • Bona Furtuna Linguine - Imported Ancient Grain Linguine Pasta from Italy
  • Bona Furtuna Linguine - Non-GMO Artisan Linguine Pasta in Pot
  • Bona Furtuna Linguine - Linguine with Mushrooms and Cheese
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At Bona Furtuna, we honor Sicilian history by marrying ancient grains naturally with modern technology to honor heritage and ensure authentic taste. Born in Genova in northern Italy, Linguine pasta comes in long, flat, narrow strands. Our Sicilian Ancient Grain Linguine is 100% organic, non-GMO, and bronze died for robust flavor and texture.

Little Tongues

With a touch of sweetness, herbal hints, sun kissed grain, and accents of cinnamon, Bona Furtuna Linguine provides a great al dente texture and elastic structure. Representative to what humans have been eating for thousands of years and easy for digestion, feel the nutritional benefits of ancient grain pasta in every bite. Linguine, meaning “little tongues” in Italian, is a playful and versatile pasta that’s great in herbaceous dishes like pesto alla Genovese. Or, for a taste of the sea enjoy a bowl of linguine alle vongole.


Ancient Grain Meets Modern Technology

Bona Furtuna Ancient Grain Pasta celebrates the spirit of Italian land and tradition. Sicily’s rich climate presents ideal growing conditions for many crops, including 100% organic, non-GMO grain. Tumminia, Perciasacchi and Russello are sublime heirloom wheat grains that grow tall, develop strong elasticity and create an authentic al dente texture in each noodle. Using modern practices, grain is ground domestically, rinsed minimally and repeatedly milled. Next, our Italian artisan heirloom pasta is shaped in bronze dies, cut by hand, and placed on racks to air dry in the Mediterranean breeze.