• Grandioso Italian Holiday Pantry Gift Set- Olive Oil, Pasta, Marinara, Seasonings, Balsamic Vinegar, Panettone and Stuffed Peppers
  • Heritage Blend Award-winning extra virgin sicilian olive oil- holiday gift set
  • Heirloom corleonese marinara sauce- Buone Feste Sicilian Holiday Gift collection
  • Tagliatelle Ancient Grain pasta dish - Buone Feste Sicilian Holiday Gift Set
  • Stuffed peppers & charcuterie platter - Buone Feste Italian Holiday Gift Collection

Gift Sets

Grandioso Sicilian Holiday Set

Our grandest holiday collection, this set offers everything you need to feast like Italian royalty from appetizers to dessert. Get the best of Bona Furtuna: a trio of award-winning extra virgin olive oils, infused oils, 7-year aged balsamic vinegar, along with our best pastas, pestos and marinara sauces. Add some flavor with a variety of antipasti, the best of our seasoning & salt blends, stuffed chili peppers and the delectable EVOO & Blood Orange Panettone.

The Flavors of Sicily

Get a true taste of Sicilian heritage with a trio of our award-winning organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils, including the rare Biancolilla Centinara and robust Forte varietals. Enjoy alongside our delicious pesto or Basil, Arrabbiata, Original, or Oregano Marinara Sauces, made from 100% Corleonese tomatoes native to Sicily. Serve with one of our Ancient Grain Pastas and add a little extra flavor with one of our salt and herb blends, loved by professional chefs. Mix in some Stuffed Chili Peppers for a flavorful burst as well, and finish off with a slice of Panettone for the sweet tooth in the group.


The Gift of Bona Furtuna

From the cascading fields of La Furtuna Estate to the Mediterranean shores at Trapani, this savory selection of Bona Furtuna’s favorite organic, estate-grown Sicilan fare will satisfy the whole family’s palate. Combine to make a variety of your favorite dishes or discover something new for flavorful bliss.