Ambassador Spotlight: Lorenzo Abbatiello

Lorenzo Abbatiello (@moderndayitalian) is a 1st generation Italian who is passionate about keeping the Italian traditions alive. Growing up he spent his summers in Italy in their family's hometown of Durazzano. Over the years his love for cooking became embedded into his everyday lifestyle, from his annual sauce making to organizing private dinners and trips to Italy. Lorenzo loves to share his culture with others and loves working with Bona Furtuna, because of its authentic quality products. Coming from a Small farm town himself he understands the quality that goes into small production food products.

Bona Furtuna Brand Ambassador - Lorenzo Abbatiello

Some of Lorenzo's favorite products include:

The Passulunara Olive Oil. I love to use a high quality oil on a fresh salad with Sicilian Sea Salt with Lemon.

As we approach the colder seasons I love to make a good pastina using the Ditalini pasta and Bel Paese medallions with the gold foil.

One of my favorite pasta dishes is slicing thin fresh zucchini with Casarecce pasta. Using pasta water to make the sauce creamy, it sticks to the rolls of the casarecce pasta. It's just irresistible.

I know I mentioned this before, but the Sicilian Sea Salt is a staple in one's kitchen. Don't underestimate the power of a quality salt. It literally is my secret ingredient sometimes.

I generally make my own sauce, but if I'm in a pinch or need something quick I have a stock of the Marinara with Basil. I'm a fan of simple sauces and I'm so happy to come across a sauce that my family doesn't notice isn't ours!


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