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Vibrant purple and emerald colors shine from our Sicilian pistachios that are sure to dazzle the senses. Grown in fertile soils, including the rich lava fields of Mount Etna, our nuts yield a creamy texture and delicate touch of minerality. Once you try these Sicilian gems you will see why they are known as the green gold of Sicily.

Emeralds of Italy

Contained in each of our bright green pistachios lies a luscious nutty profile, accented with notes of spruce buds in every bite. Crush and fold into pavlova, toast and toss into wild rice with fresh herbs and lots of lemon, or simply enjoy as a snack. Be careful, before you know it you’ll eat the whole bag.


Purple & Green Gems

For centuries, Sicilian pistachios have been heralded for their vibrancy in both taste, texture, and of course color. Hand harvested from the volcanic soils of Sicily, Bona Furtuna Pistachios harness the best minerals from our beautiful island within their iconic skins.