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Wild Pine Tree Honey

Aromatic, smooth, and distinctly its own, our Sicilian pine honey is given an enchanting twist through honeydew collected by bees in the island’s bucolic forests. Enjoy the distinct pine flavors carried through this organic honey based entirely on the nectar harvested by our bees.

In A Class of Its Own

The dark hue of this rich, full-bodied honey instantly reminds you of the depths of a pine forest. Filling your mouth with the delicious sweet, and slightly umami qualities of the naturally harvested nectar, the uniquely herbaceous, almost vegetal pine flavor quickly spreads across your senses and brings this honey into a class of its own. Spread on toasted rye bread, dollop onto a sharp cheddar cheese, or substitute for the simple syrup in your Gin Fizz.


Rich, Creamy, and Naturally Sweet

With its exceptionally fertile soils and its mild Mediterranean climate, Sicily’s diverse and bountiful verdure is nurtured by the island’s healthy bee population. For thousands of years, these bees have produced some of the world’s finest honey, famous for its unique flavor profiles and rich, creamy texture. With pollen and nectar harvested from 100% organic plants, our raw, organic honeys take on unique and distinct appearances, aromas, and flavors entirely dependent on the patterns of our bees.