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Bee Pollen

Known for its numerous nutritional qualities, organic bee pollen concentrates the very best of honey into each bite. Enjoy the powerful burst of flavor in each bee pollen granule; a little bit goes a long way.

Explosive Notes of Honey

Capturing the purest expression of the busy bees’ life’s work, our bee pollen granules harness the explosive floral, fruity, and earthy notes of honey within each kernel. Sprinkle onto your favorite smoothie, over frozen vanilla or lemon custard, or toss into a citrusy kale salad for a burst of flavor and texture that's loaded with the nutritional health benefits of bee pollen.


Rich, Creamy, and Naturally Sweet

With its exceptionally fertile soils and its mild Mediterranean climate, Sicily’s diverse and bountiful verdure is nurtured by the island’s healthy bee population. For thousands of years, these bees have produced some of the world’s finest honey, famous for its unique flavor profiles and rich, creamy texture. With pollen and nectar harvested from 100% organic plants, our raw, organic honeys take on unique and distinct appearances, aromas, and flavors entirely dependent on the patterns of our bees.