• Bona Furtuna Lemon & Cherry Sicilian Panettone - Italian Sweet Dessert Bread
  • Bona Furtuna Lemon & Cherry Sicilian Panettone - Italian Christmas Cake
  • Bona Furtuna Lemon & Cherry Sicilian Panettone - Italian Holiday Bread
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Lemon & Cherry Panettone

Experience this Italian holiday specialty, baked in tradition. Created with love using organic candied lemons and dried cherries, our fluffy, moist, and delicious Panettone cake will transport the family to Sicily.


Panettone pre-orders will ship by the end of November.

An Italian Holiday Tradition

Our panettone takes the traditional Italian holiday cake and perfects it with the inclusion of premium Sicilian ingredients. Multiple fermentations over several days provide optimal fluffiness for this holiday specialty to create the perfect savory bite. Featuring candied lemon & cherries, enjoy it any time of day- warm up a slice to have with coffee, or enjoy for dessert with a glass of Sicilian Moscato wine.


Perfected In Sicily

Lemon & Cherry Panettone is baked in Central Sicily with the careful expertise of trained pasticceri (pastry chefs) committed to using only the highest quality ingredients available in Sicily. The Panettone arrives gift-wrapped in Bona Furtuna wrapping and tied with a satin ribbon, making for the perfect gift this Christmas season.