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  • Bona Furtuna Fennel Taralli - best charcuterie crackers


Fennel Taralli

Delivering a wave of salty, nutty and aromatic flavor, these Italian taralli with fennel deliver a wave of salty, nutty and aromatic flavor. Crispy on the outside with a delightfully crumbly biscuit-like interior, our Fennel Taralli are tasty little devils. Trust us, you’ll want these gourmet crackers close at hand.


Aromatic Morsels

Our classic taralli recipe with fennel folds herbaceous seeds straight into a savory extra virgin olive oil dough. With every enticing bite of these gourmet crackers, the sharp and distinctive anise flavor of fennel bursts to life in your mouth, and is gently rounded out by the sweet and earthy flavors of organic durum wheat. Serve our irresistible Fennel Seed Taralli alongside your favorite rye whiskey or use them to add a little texture to your next soup.

From Sunkissed Puglia

For over 30 years, our taralli producers have baked these gourmet crackers to perfection. Dedicated to their regional craft, they make the pugliesi treats using an organic Apulian ancient grain and vibrant extra virgin olive oil from the same region. Our partners are committed to using their business to uplift and improve their community by offering opportunities to individuals who may otherwise struggle to find work.