• Bona Furtuna Organic Oregano Flowers - Sicilian Seasoning
  • Organic Oregano Flowers
  • Organic Oregano Flowers
  • Organic Oregano Flowers
  • Organic Oregano Flowers


Organic Oregano Flowers

La Furtuna naturally grows over 50 wild herbs that are perfect for adding a touch of Sicilian flair to your fare. Any amount of these Wild Oregano Flowers will sweep you away to our magical terroir.


Delicate and Unique Herbaceousness

While oregano leaves are known to host a strong, earthy flavor with an astringent spice to the mouth, oregano flowers are more delicate and unique. At La Furtuna Estate, we choose to harvest the flowers because they encapsulate more essential oils than the rest of the plant, procuring an enticing fresh and floral flavor. Just a pinch is all your need to take your tastebuds for a peppery, earthy and floral ride.


Hand Harvested Wild Oregano Flowers

Irrigated with pure spring water, aromatic oregano flowers are hand harvested from the slopes of Monte Barrau and air dried by the sweeping Sicilian breeze. One of over 50 wild herbs that grow naturally on La Furtuna Estate, 100% Organic Wild Oregano Flowers will enhance your fare to near perfection.