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Italian Spice Kit

Enhance every meal with this collection of our most beloved Italian herbs and seasonings. This 100% organic Italian cooking spices collection includes our unique Mamma Rose’s Blend, savory Aglio e Oglio Blend, bright Lemon Sea Salt and aromatic Oregano Flowers.

Essential Italian Flavors

Bring the essential flavors of Italian cooking to your kitchen with this stunning blend of organic Italian herbs, spices and salts. Add the warmth of Nonna’s cooking to any dish with a pinch of our Mamma Rose’s Herb Blend; enjoy the savory depth that erupts from our Aglio e Oglio Blend; taste the sun-kissed shores of Sicily with our luminous Lemon Sea Salt, and elevate any Italian meal with the floral delicacy of our Oregano Flowers.

A Pinch of Sweet and Savory

Your sweet tooth will thank you with Mamma Rose’s Herb Blend. Wildfully aromatic and highly flavorful, this organic Italian spice mix will quickly become a favorite accessory in your kitchen. A blend of summer savory, basil, oregano, rosemary, marjoram, garlic, cloves, sugar and sea salt, it’s the perfect way to add a touch of aromatic sweetness to meat rubs, pasta sauces and vegetables.

Subtly Spicy and Irresistibly Earthy

Taste each tantalizing layer of our Aglio E Oglio Herb Blend. Discover savory umami in organic parsley, enjoy the fragrance of organic black pepper, persevere the zing of Sicilian chili peppers (peperoncino), and unravel the intricate potency of organic red garlic. Simply add to heated extra virgin olive oil and spaghetti for an unforgettable bite.

A Tad Bit Tart

When life gives us lemons, we infuse their zesty oils into our Sicilian Sea Salt with Organic Lemon. Allow your senses to take a ride with this elixir of sour citrus and savory sea salt. Taste coarse salt crystals evaporated from the Mediterranean Sea, smell the familiar tang of plump lemons, and feel the benefits of added vitamin C and natural electrolytes.

Delicate and Unique Herbaceousness

While oregano leaves are known to host a strong, earthy flavor with an astringent spice, wild oregano flowers are more delicate and unique. At La Furtuna Estate, we choose to harvest the flowers because they encapsulate more essential oils than the rest of the plant, procuring an enticing fresh and floral flavor. Just a pinch of our organic dried oregano seasoning is all you need to take your tastebuds for a peppery, earthy and floral ride.

Exquisite Sicilian Seasonings

The key to exceptional Italian cuisine is the use of quality ingredients. Growing resilient and bold on the tempestuous wild hills of Monti Sicani, Bona Furtuna’s herbs and spices are imbued with exquisite flavor. This collection of our best Italian cooking spices exemplifies the power and beauty of Sicilian terroir.