• Bona Furtuna Genco Almonds - Heirloom Organic Sicilian Almonds
  • Genco Almonds


Genco Almonds

Grown on the sunny hillsides of Sicily, our large heritage almonds produce incredible flavor. Soft, floral, and harnessing a vanilla-like sweetness, our Genco almonds deliver the perfect expression of the Sicilian grown nut.

Delicate and Floral

These Genco almonds are heralded for their soft, delicately floral tones. Touches of umami and bitterness come through just enough to provide a deeper complexity to the sweet nut. Mix these almonds into your favorite biscotti, almond tart, top a trout almondine, or simply eat them by the handful. These almonds are sure to please.


Symbols of Good Fortune

In February, confectionary blossoms of pink and white flowers bud across the island of Sicily. A cheerful greeting of springtime, the blooming almond trees serve as a reminder of the island's verdant fertility. Delicate, soft and full of a welcome sweetness, it is no surprise that these almonds are heralded as symbols of good fortune.