• Original Passata Tomato Sauce - Bona Furtuna Best Passata
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  • Original Passata Tomato Sauce - Bona Furtuna Best Passata


Original Passata Sauce

Made with 100% organic Corleonese heirloom tomatoes, our Italian Passata tomato sauce captures the purest expression of vine-ripened tomatoes. An Italian pantry staple, embrace the pure sun-warmed flavors of raw organic tomato passata.


A Canvas For Your Next Meal

Simple and pure, Bona Furtuna’s organic Original Passata sauce is made from raw ripe tomatoes. That’s it. Handpicked Corleonese heirloom tomatoes – a variety indigenous to Sicily – are puréed and strained to produce a silky, sweet and earthy passata. Enjoy this unadulterated, traditional tomato passata as a base for pasta sauces, in soups, stews, ragùs, the list is truly endless. It’s the perfect canvas for your next Italian meal.


Tomatoes Unique to La Furtuna Estate

Sometimes the simplest things are the most unique. Our Original Passata recipe is exactly that. As the only commercial producer of the Corleonese tomato in the world, Bona Furtuna presses fresh and authentic flavor into every jar to deliver the cleanest expression of vine-ripened tomato passata possible.