• Bona Furtuna The Monti Sicani - Italian Gift Set with Olive Oil, Pasta Sauce and Seasonings
  • Bona Furtuna The Monti Sicani - olive oil from italy gift

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The Monti Sicani

Explore the wild flavors of Sicily’s rugged mountains. Within this 100% organic Italian gift basket you’ll find the bold flavors of La Furtuna Estate harnessed in Biancolilla Centinara Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Oregano Tomato Sauce, Wild Foraged Fennel Seed, Nepitella and Sicilian Sea Salt with Organic Garlic.  


Taste of Place

The ultimate Italian gift basket, transport your senses to the mountains of western Sicily with bold Biancolilla Centinara Extra Virgin Olive Oil, create elegant nuance to your dish with our unique Nepitella, add an aromatic touch of Wild Foraged Fennel Seed, and add a savory finish with our exquisite Sea Salt with Organic Red Garlic.  

Hints of Wild Flowers and Herbs

Cultivated and crafted on La Furtuna Estate, our Biancolilla Centinara organic Italian extra virgin olive oil hosts medium fluidity with medium-green fruitiness and hints of wild herbs and dried flowers. Offering powerfully balanced bitterness and pungency, this single-origin olive oil shares the aroma of tomato, fresh grass, almond and artichoke and pairs well with fresh mozzarella, bistecca alla fiorentina, or a fresh peach salad.

A Relentlessly Fresh and Floral Marinara

While oregano leaves are known to host a strong, earthy flavor with an astringent spice, their flowers are more delicate and unique. At La Furtuna Estate, we choose to harvest oregano flowers because they contain more essential oils than the rest of the plant, emanating an enticingly fresh and floral flavor. When combined with indigenous Corleonese tomatoes, our uncompromisingly authentic Italian Pasta Sauce with Oregano Flowers is born.

Taste the Difference with Red Garlic

Characterized by a deep reddish color of the robes of its bulbis, Sicilian red garlic possesses a strong allicin level and intricately potent flavor. When infused into coarse pure Trapani sea salt, hints of the saline Sicilian coast marry with chopped garlic for a flavorful addition to your kitchen. Sprinkle on this organic garlic salt to add depth to rich cuisine and taste the difference.

Fresh and Aromatic

Just a sprinkle of this brightly floral and aromatic herb will enliven any dish. With the bold and earthy flavors of oregano, and the fresh, cool taste of mint, Nepitella is the perfect herb to accompany lamb chops, pork belly, grilled squash, sauteed mushrooms, and so much more. Use sparingly so as not to overpower.

Coveted in the Culinary Community

Traditionally used to aid in digestion and freshen the breath, fennel seeds have a powerful licorice flavor with sweet and woody accents. A regular addition to many spice blends, they are a sought-after dry rub for meat and fish, and can add subtle fragrant sweetness to sauces, roasted vegetables and homemade breads.

A Selection For The Bold

From the cascading fields of La Furtuna estate to the Mediterranean shores at Trapani, savor a selection of Bona Furtuna’s Favorite organic, estate-grown Sicilian fare it this beautiful Italian gift basket. Thoughtfully arranged in a sleek and elegant gift box decorated with a watercolor made by our in-house artist, savor the flavors of the Mediterranean with every bite. Each gift box is made with recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.