• Bona Furtuna Il Vivace - Sicilian Olive Oil Gift Box with Sea Salt-Lemon-Basil Seasonings
  • Bona Furtuna Il Vivace - Specialty Olive Oil Gift Box with Sicilian Sea Salts
  • Bona Furtuna Il Vivace - Gourmet Olive Oil Gift Set with Sicilian Sea Salts and Spoon
  • Bona Furtuna Il Vivace - Heritage Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sicilian Sea Salt with Organic Lemon, Sicilian Sea Salt with Organic Basil, and Seasoning Spoon.

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Il Vivace

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A Sicilian bouquet of aroma. A collection of our favorite olive oil and dipping spices from Bona Furtuna. This 100% organic Italian gift set includes Heritage Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sicilian Sea Salt with Organic Lemon, Sicilian Sea Salt with Organic Basil, and metal seasoning spoon.


Brighten Your Pantry

A lively offering of Bona Furtuna’s Heritage Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, enticingly aromatic Sicilian Sea Salt with Organic Lemon, and vibrant Sicilian Sea Salt with Organic Basil to awaken your senses.

A True Taste of Sicilian Heritage

Grown and bottled on La Furtuna Estate in the Sicani Mountain region, our Heritage Blend Sicilian extra virgin olive oil is one to remember. Persistent and harmonious, it hosts a soft flavor of fruity, golden notes with a nose of artichoke, green tomato and almond. 

On the palate, this cold-extracted, high-quality olive oil is incredibly smooth and balanced with a medium spice. Take a teaspoon right out of the bottle, drizzle on a leafy salad, or pair with a Bona Furtuna Salt and Herb blend for an electrifying meat rub.

A Tad Bit Tart

When life gives you lemons, infuse their zesty oils into Sicilian Sea Salt with Organic Lemon. Allow your senses to take a ride with this elixir of sour citrus and savory sea salt. Taste coarse salt crystals evaporated from the Mediterranean Sea, smell the familiar tang of plump lemons, and feel the benefits of added Vitamin C and natural electrolytes.

A Pinch of Fresh Flavor

Freshly herbaceous in both flavor and aroma, Sicilian Sea Salt with Basil is a go-to finishing salt for lighter fare. Flaky and crystalline grains of sea salt are harvested from the Mediterranean, infused with essential oils from estate-grown basil, and await blissful consumption. Sprinkle onto a nourishing caprese salad, pair with delectable ditalini pasta, or use as a finish to a traditional margherita pizza and let this salt satisfy all of your cravings.


A Refreshing Touch of Sicily

From the cascading fields of La Furtuna Estate to the Mediterranean shores at Trapani, savor a selection of Bona Furtuna’s favorite organic, estate-grown Sicilian fare. Thoughtfully arranged in an authentic souvenir gift box decorated by an in-house watercolor artist, these items can be combined to make your favorite dish or used individually for flavorful bliss.

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Carrie W.Penner
United States United States
I recommend this product
Perfect gift

This is a beautiful and flavorful gift. Packaging makes a lovely presentation.

Bona Furtuna

Thank you Carrie! We're so happy to hear that you loved the Il Vivace gift!