• Bona Furtuna Sweet Pepper Pesto - Sicilian Organic Vegan D'Asti Rosso Pesto
  • Bona Furtuna Sweet Pepper Pesto - Sicilian Pesto Di Peperoni with meal
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Pesto & Spreads

Sweet Pepper Pesto

Hailing from beautiful, coastal Basilicata, silky pesto di peperoni is perfect when folded into homemade pasta like ciccioneddos and spaghetti. Boasting the sunkissed flavors of d’Asti Rosso bell peppers, our sweet pepper pesto is the perfect sauce for an exemplary in-a-pinch pasta dinner.

Flavors of Earth and Sun

Creamy, smooth, and undeniably sweet, this sweet pepper pesto exemplifies the comforting flavors of ripe red bell peppers. Each bite emits the honest flavors of unity between earth and sun. Pair with pizza, scallops, and dry white wine.


Straight from the Jar

Bona Furtuna’s pestos and spreads capture the fresh flavors of Sicily’s abundant produce. Surrounded by numerous volcanoes, both active and dormant, the island’s exceptional fertility is due to its nutrient-rich volcanic soils and temperate climate. Taste the coast of the Mediterranean in each bite. We certainly won’t question you eating these straight from the jar.