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Originating from the town of Ittiri, Ciccioneddos are the handmade Sardinian equivalent of gnocchi. These compact, ridged dumplings are traditional wedding fare. Our Sardinian Ancient Grain Ciccioneddos are 100% organic, non-GMO, and dried in the Mediterranean breeze for robust flavor and texture.

Gnocchetti Sardi

Ciccioneddos are as unique in appearance as they are in taste. Their hand rolled shapes require a delicate touch to produce. Due to its pastoral heritage, Ciccioneddos often carry with them the flavors of the land. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the bright warmth of northern Sardinia with a bowl of Ciccioneddos con pancetta e pomodoini gialli.

From Sardinia, With Love

Bona Furtuna Ancient Grain Sardinian Pasta celebrates the rich history and traditions of the island of Sardinia. 100% organic, heirloom Karalis durum wheat is grown on the fertile island to create a unique pasta with the perfect elasticity and authentic al dente texture. The grain is ground, then shaped & hand rolled by the few remaining artisans that have learned the rare technique of this pasta reserved for special occasions.