Gift Sets

Grill Collection

The essential kit for grilling like the Italians do. Combining the simple yet bold flavors of our Cacio e Pepe Seasoning, Forte Blend Olive Oil, Erbe di Sicilia Seasoning, Tomato Almond Bruschetta, and a Bona Furtuna branded apron made from 100% fair trade organic cotton, this is the perfect collection for the grilling enthusiast.

Embrace Italian Summer

This kit delivers the savory flavors of a classic Roman Cacio e Pepe, the embodiment of La Furtuna Estate’s in our Forte Blend Olive Oil and Erbe di Sicilia, and the taste of Italian summer in our sun-sweetened Tomato Almond Bruschetta straight to your table. With our classically rustic apron on you’ll truly feel like summer has arrived.

For the Bold

This bold and beautiful organic Sicilian olive oil greets you with the fiery essence of young, healthy olives and opens on your palate with flavors of tomato leaf, freshly cut green grass, and rich earthy soil, leaving you with a hint of white paper in your throat and a refreshing emboldened state of mind. Experience the strength, endurance and vitality of our Sicilian terroir within the sun-ripened skins of our olives in this organic imported olive oil from Italy.

Powerfully Aromatic

The powerfully aromatic flavors of rosemary and thyme are gently joined by the earthy nuances of oregano, and are rounded out by the sweet and fresh presence of mint. Sprinkle on chicken, white fish, lean pork cuts, or eggplant, and feel the warmth of Sicily fill your senses.

The Best of Sicilian Produce

Made with the best ingredients grown on the island, this tomato almond bruschetta bursts with the sun-kissed flavors of Sicily. Best eaten heaped onto toasted rye bread, tossed into freshly grilled shrimp, or folded into our ancient grain busiate pasta for a classic Sicilian dish.

A Deliciously Savory Rendition

With the addition of alliums, our Cacio e Pepe seasoning is packed with flavor. Black pepper bursts through the salty-savory body, while the sweet taste of onion and garlic carries on throughout. Added to your favorite pasta with a healthy dose of freshly grated pecorino, or used to season grilled chicken and fish, our Cacio e Pepe seasoning offers you a deliciously savory rendition of the historic dish.

Enduring Tastes of Italian Heritage

Nestled in the pristine Sicani mountains of Sicily, La Furtuna Estate’s rich, fertile lands are fed by pure spring water straight from the Sicani Mountains. By supporting ancient practices of biodiversity and organic farming, we strive to grow the finest olives, herbs, and vegetables to offer the enduring flavors of our Sicilian heritage for you to enjoy. Our olive oils, herbs & seasonings and pestos & spreads celebrate the rich history and flavors of Italy. Our Bona Furtuna branded aprons are made from 100% certified organic and fair trade cotton and were made by a fellow Certified B Corporation.