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Dried Fruits & Seeds Biscotti

Sweetened by sun-dried fruits, and textured by aromatic seeds, our organic Dried Fruits & Seeds Italian Biscotti is abundant in taste and texture. Each bite delivers a burst of fruity flavor while maintaining a savory, cookie crumble. If you have to choose one, choose this as your all day, any day Italian biscotti.

Nuanced Fruit and Nut-Filled Biscotti

Enjoy the nuance of texture and flavor with each bite of this fruit and nut-filled biscotti. Skip the muesli and crumble one of these cookies over your morning greek yogurt. Or get really creative and crumble and toast this gourmet biscotti from Italy with a pinch of salt to sprinkle over salads and roasted vegetables for a sweet and savory crunch.


Taste of the Renaissance

Journey back to 14th century Tuscany; the emergence of the Renaissance, the time of da Vinci, Galileo, Machiavelli, and the birth of the gourmet biscotti. The irresistible cookie quickly became heralded for its durability and longevity, much like the other innovative creations of its time. Baked not once, but twice, Italian biscotti were carried by travelers across the country, and tactfully dipped into coffees and Vin Santo to help soften their bite. Once you’ve tasted the buttery, crumbly, and perfectly balanced combination of savory toasted wheat and delicate sweetness in our biscotti, you might just feel the soft caress of the Italian sun on your face, and smell the mingling sweet scent of its rolling hills and the Mediterranean sea.