Classic Cantucci Biscotti

The original iteration of the famous Italian cookie, Cantucci is made from Tuscan almonds, lending it a distinctly aromatic flavor. Beautifully balanced in both its crumbly texture and savory-sweet taste, this is the perfect organic almond cookie for any time of the day.

Buttery, Nutty, and Balanced

Instantly hitting your nose with the beautifully sweet, nutty scent of almonds, this almond biscotti cookie crumbles in your mouth with your first bite. With just the right balance of a buttery yet dry texture, the flavor of almonds is nuanced and strong without being overpowering.  Before you finish the bag, try crumbling the cantucci over espresso ice cream, folding it into whipped cream with orange zest for a simple and delightful dessert, or spread with a bright, tangy goat’s cheese.


Taste of the Renaissance

Journey back to 14th century Tuscany; the emergence of the Renaissance, the time of da Vinci, Galileo, Machiavelli, and the birth of the great gourmet biscotti. The irresistible cookie quickly became heralded for its durability and longevity, much like the other innovative creations of its time. Baked not once, but twice, biscotti were carried by travelers across Italy, and tactfully dipped into coffees and Vin Santo to help soften their bite. Once you’ve tasted the buttery, crumbly, and perfectly balanced combination of savory toasted wheat and delicate sweetness in our biscotti, you might just feel the soft caress of the Italian sun on your face, and smell the mingling sweet scent of its rolling hills.