• Bona Furtuna Il Forno Siciliano - Italian Baked Ditalini Pasta Gift Set
  • Bona Furtuna Il Forno Siciliano Gift Set - Organic Sicilian Pasta Gift Set
  • Bona Furtuna Il Forno Siciliano Organic Gift Set - Ditalini pasta, Organic Dried Basil, Sicilian Sea Salt with Organic Oregano Flowers, Basil Marinara Sauce

Gift Sets

Il Forno Siciliano

A collection of Sicilian goodies ready to be baked from the fertile farms of Bona Furtuna. This 100% organic artisan gift set includes Ancient Grain Ditalini Pasta, Basil Pasta Sauce, Sicilian Sea Salt with Oregano, and Dried Basil.

Ovenly Delightful

Ancient grain thimble pasta is traditionally baked with aromatic tomato sauce, making this Italian gift set great for family gatherings. Liven up your baked pasta dish with sprinkles of savory Sicilian Sea Salt with Oregano and sumptuous Sicilian Dried Basil.

Thimbles of Traditional Texture

With a touch of sweetness, herbal hints, sunkissed grain, and ascents of cinnamon, Bona Furtuna Ditalini provides a great al dente texture and elastic structure. Representative to what humans have been eating for thousands of years and easy for digestion, feel the nutritional benefits of ancient grain pasta in every bite. A perfect complement to many soups, Ditalini pairs wonderfully with textured sauces. Try the famous “Ditalini e Fagioli” for spoonfuls of authenticity.

Sea Salt with a Floral Infusion

Irrigated with pure spring water, aromatic oregano flowers are hand harvested from the slopes of Monte Barrau and Monte Castro on La Furtuna Estate, air dried by the sweeping Mediterranean breeze and infused into pure 100% Sicilian Sea Salt. This floral oregano salt is perfect for finishing pasta and vegetable dishes alike.

Freshen Your Palate with Dried Basil

Add a lively dimension to your dish with our Sicilian Organic Dried Basil. Packed with nutrients, antioxidants and essential oils, dried herbs are often superior to fresh herbs. Slightly smokier and encapsulating more concentrated flavor than fresh basil, our dried basil seasoning is an inexpensive and long lasting way to add pizzazz to your palate.

Discover Crisp Sweetness

Approachable and refreshing, our organic Marinara Pasta Sauce with Basil is a perfect counterpart to flatbreads and pasta dishes, especially those featuring lemon and garlic. Satisfy your inner Sicilian as you taste basil’s herbal essential oils and a rush of crisp sweetness from local Corleonese tomatoes.


Baked Perfection

From the cascading fields of La Furtuna Estate to the Mediterranean shores at Trapani, savor a selection of Bona Furtuna’s favorite organic, estate-grown Sicilan fare. Thoughtfully arranged in an authentic souvenir gift box decorated by an in-house watercolor artist, combine to make your favorite dish or use each quality item individually for flavorful bliss.