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our story:
The bona furtuna

When I was very young, my grandmother Rose would often talk to me about the beautiful land in which she was born: Corleone, Sicily. She would dream about it as she worked in the hot summer heat of Louisiana, picking strawberries as a young child. Although I was only eight years old at the time, I made a promise to myself that I would one day find my way to Sicily and reconnect my family to this land where she and my grandfather, Cosimo, were born. Forty-five years later I was able to fulfill this promise, purchasing the small piece of land on which the original stone foundation of my grandmother’s house still stands.

Over the last five years, the farms at La Furtuna have grown to over 350 hectares. We have rediscovered a land that is truly magical, and which guides us every day. The estate now has over 12,000 olive trees, including a cultivar unique to our farm, as well as ancient trees, some of which are 500 to 1,000 years old.

The land is also planted with heirloom Corleonese tomatoes, and a wide variety of herbs, fruit trees and other produce, with over 500 different flora and 50 medicinal wild herbs. The entire property is fed by pure spring drinking water, and 90% of the land is held in a biological preserve at the bases of Monte Barraù and Monte Castro, which carries my grandmother’s family name.

We Have Rediscovered a Land that Truly is Magical

Bona Furtuna’s underlying mission is to celebrate Sicily’s rich history and culture and give back to its land and people. Besides our stewardship and investment in the farm and these unique products, our commitment and promise is to give all excess profits to charities that share our support of Sicily and its people—as well as charities in the USA such as No Kid Hungry.

A simple story from a loving and compassionate grandmother to her grandson decades ago is now reflecting itself in the many amazing Bona Furtuna products from the farms at La Furtuna. We consider ourselves stewards who have reconnected with the land and people, and we are honored to serve and see the property release its magic for all to enjoy.

- Agatha & Steve Luczo