• Bona Furtuna Marinara With Basil - Authentic Italian Pasta Sauce with Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Marinara With Basil
  • Marinara With Basil
  • Marinara With Basil
  • Marinara With Basil


Marinara With Basil

Made with 100% organic Corleonese heirloom tomatoes, our traditional Sicilian marinara is infused with handpicked Sicilian basil from La Furtuna Estate. Great with pasta or as an addition to stews and ratatouilles.


Discover Crisp Sweetness

Approachable and refreshing, our Marinara Pasta Sauce with Basil is a perfect counterpart to flatbreads and pasta dishes, especially those featuring lemon and garlic. Find yourself satisfied as you taste the extraction of basil’s herbal essential oils and a smack of crispy sweetness from local Corleonese tomatoes.


When Tradition is Farm Fresh

Resting on a biological reserve at an altitude cascading between 600-1400 meters above sea level rest the rolling fields of La Furtuna Estate. Over 500 different flora and 50 wild medicinal herbs grow throughout these pristine fields, including lush and leafy basil. Flourishing with an abundance of pleasant aromas and harvested beside the heirloom Corleonese tomato, culinary destiny combines the two into our mouthwatering Marinara Pasta Sauce with Basil.