• Bona Furtuna The Castro - Organic Olive Oil Gift Box with Basil Marinara Sauce and Italian Seasonings
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  • The Castro
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The Castro

Unleash the chef within. A collection of our favorite items from Bona Furtuna. This set includes Biancolilla Centinara Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Basil Marinara Pasta Sauce, Sicilian Sea Salt with Black Truffle, Mamma Rose’s Herb Blend, and Wild Foraged Fennel Pollen.

For the Spirited Chef

Elevate your cooking prowess using earthy Sicilian Sea Salt with Organic Truffle, dazzle the palate with sweet and savory fennel pollen, wildly aromatic Mamma Rose’s Herb blend tantalizes the senses, while our unique Biancolilla Centinara extra virgin olive oil shines with depth and character.

Incomparable Flavor

Black Truffles exude a slightly musky and woody perfume that perfectly merries the earthy salinity of Trapani sea salt. Versatile in cooking, our Sicilian Sea Salt with Black Truffle boasts a mixture of chocolaty, nutty, and oaky flavor with a subtle hint of mushrooms.  

A Zing of Flavor

Imagine isolating a fennel seed, making it significantly sweeter and a hundred times more intense to the palate. Taste subtle hints of hay, honey and citrus balanced with zings of freshly ground anise. To the nose, the aroma is musty with deep floral notes. The most potent form of fennel, the pollen gives a sense of terroir to a dish and instantly elevates flavor.  

A Pinch of Sweet and Savory

Your sweet tooth with thank you with Mamma Rose’s Herb Blend. Wildfully aromatic and highly flavorful, this salt and herb blend will quickly become a favorite accessory in your kitchen. A mix of summer savory, basil, oregano, rosemary, marjoram, garlic, cloves, sugar and sea salt, it’s the perfect way to add a touch of aromatic sweetness to meat rubs, pasta sauces, and vegetables.

Discover Crisp Sweetness

Approachable and refreshing, our Marinara Pasta Sauce with Basil is a perfect counterpart to flatbreads and pasta dishes, especially those featuring lemon and garlic. Find yourself satisfied as you taste the extraction of basil’s herbal essential oils and a smack of crispy sweetness from local Corleonese tomatoes.


Impress with Any Dish

From the cascading fields of La Furtuna Estate to the Mediterranean shores at Trapani, savor a selection of Bona Furtuna’s favorite organic, estate grown goods. Thoughtfully arranged in an authentic souvenir gift box decorated by an in-house watercolor artist, combine to make your favorite dish or use each quality item individually for flavorful bliss.